Why The British Elections Matter To U.S. Politics

Why The British Elections Matter To U.S. Politics

The results of the British Parliamentary elections Dec. 12 might not interest very many Americans.

However, it might have a measurable effect on U.S. presidential politics.

DSA and momentum have utilized the approaches of each other .

Momentum, by way of instance, utilizes Mr. Sanders’ campaign strategies, for example pop-up phone-bank parties.

DSA has accommodated Momentum’s doctrine of conducting upstart campaigns against centrist candidates.

In case Mr. Corbyn manages to triumph, we may get a lot closer look — if we wish to or not. Momentum is socialist.

The DSA was working together with Momentum, a team made to radicalize Labor.

However, DSA and Momentum are leleadingy radicals on flame.

Likely using a straight face, the left wing magazine

In case Mr. Corbyn is really 10 points supporting and Mr. Sanders continues to lag at the polls, the alliance is not likely to form.

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Tania Aglikin

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