Political Parties Cant Be Trusted On Campaign Finance

Political Parties Cant Be Trusted On Campaign Finance

State Labor MP Eddie Wong, who played a role will front the inquiry and there could be more lurid revelations.

The ideal way isn’t internal reform.

Whatever safeguards are in place, political parties will do what they could get away with.

The report has produced a range of recommendations which national leader Anthony Albanese has promised to embrace.

Our regulation of campaign fund is forward of the national sphere although the issues in NSW are significant.

It has also refused to consider campaign finance reforms like those in NSW.

NSW is also appropriate to have imposed a general ban on donations.

But matters could easily get worse before Christmas.

The reforms will establish the party secretary’s function , making it much easier to sack them.

They will have to serve five years before they could seek pre selection for a seat in Parliament.

They’ll be liable to a new risk committee composed of people away from the party machine.

At the moment the secretary is accountable to the party conference and chosen is almost impossible to dislodge.

They have lacked a clear project description, which gives them the power.

It can be something in the ALP’s rules and the capacity to wield power makes it increasingly vulnerable to abuse.

Tania Aglikin

Tania Aglikin

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