Five Reasons The Tories Won The Election

Five Reasons The Tories Won The Election

By calling for the first time in a century boris Johnson took a bet.


Boris Johnson’s message he would”have Brexit done”, repeated over and over again, seems to have resonated with a people tired of this lack of resolution within the united kingdom leaving the EU.

He stressed during the campaign he would sort out the matter fast with his”oven-ready” bargain, though the UK is going for decades of trade negotiations and doubt in the end of next year once the transition period comes to a conclusion. And he stressed the possibility of a Labour government.

Simplicity of message

Johnson concentrated on the”have Brexit done” motto in addition to pledges about more police officers and nurses.

From nationalisation, Labour needed a multiplicity of policy offers By comparison to complimentary compensating and broadband girls in their 50’s to the upswing in the pension age.

Focusing on a few pledges appears to have given Johnson.

A safety-first plan

The Conservatives launched a small increase in spending and a manifesto which has been short on policy provides that were eye coverage, past a tax reduction to insurance.

This time, the celebration led clear of any pledges that were contentious.

Labour’s weakness

The Labour vote fell in several locations. In certain areas, the vote didn’t move up Johnson’s although hugely offender came out on top because Labour voters seemed to have remained at home or voted for its Brexit celebration.

Defeated MPs have blamed the party’s Brexit standing and Corbyn’s leadership.

Boris Johnson

Candidates stated while Jeremy Corbyn was unpopular on the sidewalk, there was little excitement for Johnson.

The minister stayed on message when he had been pilloried for hiding to escape out a TV interviewer and refusing to have a look at a photo of a boy on a hospital floor. During, his leadership evaluations were greater than Corbyn.

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